Our Services

We offer a wide range of cable car planning and engineering services, for both urban and resort applications. Our services include:

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design Studies are a great way to help clients visualize and analyze how their cable car system may look like and how it may function in an urban or recreational environment. It typically examines a city’s existing demographic/transportation profile and helps determines where and how a CPT system can be integrated. Over the years, CCC has conducted many conceptual studies for cities worldwide. We are an ideal partner in assisting clients develop and refine their cable car concept to attract the necessary interest to take their project to the next step.

Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility Studies vary widely in terms of their complexity and scope. CCC will tailor each study to the client — whether this means creating a simple, bare bones, fiscal and technical analysis of the problem at hand or a more comprehensive ‘triple bottom line’ assessment that measures costs against benefits in regards to social, environment, and economic factors.

More complex studies can include political, cultural, design, and other more qualitative/strategic considerations.

Generally speaking, the complexity of the feasibility study will depend greatly on three major factors: The client; their country of origin; and the nature of the project, whether tourist or public transit oriented.

A Feasibility Study could involve any of the following considerations:

  • Route & Spatial Alignment
  • Station Locations
  • Ridership Analysis
  • Market Assessment
  • Fare Structure
  • Financing
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Operations & Maintenance Costing
  • Civil Costs
  • System Reliability and Availability
  • Level of attraction
  • Time required for construction
  • Policy Structure and Analysis
  • Issues of Project Organization

Technical Studies

Technical Studies include all of a system’s implementation steps, from the first sketch, to tendering and procurement know-how, to the completed system. Intimate knowledge of the technology, experience with urban and non-urban systems, and years of project management and oversite allows us to keep the project on track and completed in the best and most efficient way possible.

CCC designs all of its systems to comply with the national laws and international norms and standards for ropeways.

Lectures & Workshops

CCC is regularly invited to host lectures, workshops, and conferences throughout the world to teach the planning and engineering community about cable transit. We have an intimate understanding of the value of strong written and visual communication.

Community Development

Often times, one of the biggest barriers to implementing a cable transit system is a lack of understanding about the technology on the part of local stakeholders and communities. Over the years we’ve developed a highly successful program for dealing with this challenge and have helped initiate community supported projects around the world.

Our community development work varies from the very general to the highly specific. The tactics we use depend upon the nature of the project and community in question. We are continually engaged with high profile media to service wider audiences while local presentations, educational documents and conceptual studies can be prepared for more specific audiences and projects.

A blend of both wide and narrow strategies is recommended with work programs tailored to the specific client’s needs and budget. Wherever possible low-cost tactics and techniques are recommended, to increase the value to the client.

Procurement Services

Cable transit systems are often misunderstood by the wider infrastructure community due to their relative rarity. Research has demonstrated that planners, civil engineers and policy makers have a tendency to fundamentally misunderstand the technology leading to cost overruns and poor implementation schemes.

Clients wishing to build or install a cable transit system should work closely with experienced and knowledgeable partners such as CCC to ensure that tenders and contracts are being prepared by professionals who fully understand the technology and can address all important issues, matters and factors throughout the procurement process.

CCC associates would be happy to aid any project team with the writing and creation of their cable transit tender documents and contracts.

System Proposals

System proposals are compiled based on research, precedent, site visits, existing transportation options, location, geography, capacity needs, and budget. Systems can be built with basic, off the shelf components, or have highly tailored and specially designed features.

Technical Drawings

All of CCC’s technical drawings are completed by veteran ropeway engineer Tino Imhäuser. With over 30 years experience, Tino can tailor any design to mesh with the needs and wants of any client or team.

All technical drawings are of the highest standard and can be used for permitting, procurement, and design.

Route Selection

Cable transit’s small footprint can often allow it to integrate into urban areas with minimal intrusion if properly designed. The CCC team has experience planning transit routes that balance transportation optimization, technical limitations and community needs. Safety and privacy concerns are well understood and always factor into the final route selection.

Team members recognize that route selection is highly context specific. We work with all local stakeholder to ensure a beautiful, efficient and optimal cable transit solution.

Operations Planning

Operations and maintenance are key factors to maintaining a successful, long-lasting, and profitable cable transit system. After consulting will all stakeholders and gathering the necessary research, operations plans are laid out well in advance to make sure systems operate at their maximum potential.

Wherever necessary, team members can assist in the operations, maintenance, and safety training of local staff.

Environmental Assessment

CCC can work with local stakeholders and consultants to ensure all necessary Environmental Assessments are completed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Project Management

Tino Imhäuser is trained and certified in Project Management best practices. He possesses over 30 years of experience in ropeway construction and has managed dozens of cable car projects.

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